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OxeBox helps you reach out to your customers who have signed up on your store with email campaigns to increase user engagement and sales. In Campaigns section, you can Manage Subscribers, create New Campaigns and see Past Campaigns
Shopify merchants can easily create engaging marketing emails and newsletters with our 15 pre-drafted email templates or they can use their own creativity and start designing beautiful & responsive email/newsletter with our out-of-the-box email editor. The emails are supported on all the major browsers and platforms e.g. Desktop, Mobile & Tablet.
We recommend sending 1-3 email campaigns per month to your subscribers to ensure a healthy communication with your audience.
It's also a good idea to segregate your customers into different “Sender List’s” and target a specific set of customers for a particular campaign based on their buying behaviour, purchasing capacity and other parameters.
As of now OxeBox supports sending emails in en-US (English) language only.
Please check your spam folder for the test email. However if you still don’t find it, please reach us at support@oxebox.com and we will check if there is any other issue.
- Always send emails to only Subscribed users
- Have a “Unsubscribe” link on emails
- Limit sending email campaigns to 1-3 emails per month per user.
Cart Abandonment is a term used in eCommerce industry to describe a visitor on a eCommerce website who leaves the website without completing the desired action of purchase and checkout
On an average 67% of your customers abandon their carts. OxeBox helps you recover these lost $$ by sending custom and automated email reminders to recover abandoned carts.
If your store is on Shopify platform and you’d like to use OxeBox Abandoned Cart emails, check first that Shopify's abandoned cart emails aren't being sent, as we won't override these emails automatically.
However, you can manually disable Shopify's abandoned cart emails by following these steps.
Once you have disabled the default Shopify emails, you can enable OxeBox automated abandoned cart recovery emails. Please refer this article for more details.
All abandoned cart emails are sent by abandoned.carts@oxebox.com
No its not possible to change the sender email address for abandoned cart campaigns at this point of time.
The process of setting up a cart abandonment campaign in OxeBox is very simple and easy however we suggest a few Do’s & Don'ts to get the best results.
Here are a few steps you could follow to:
- Try putting coupon code from time to time to increase the chances of cart recovery.
- The time interval between follow-up cart reminder emails should not be too frequent, as customers might feel spammed. Sending cart reminder emails after every 2-3 days interval is a good idea.
- Don’t try to replace the default template parameters (<%store_url%>, <%store_email%>, <%abandoned_cart_url%>) with your own values as it can have negative impact on email delivery and your reputation.